Brythunian Slavegirl/Dancer


The third daughter of debt plagued minor Brythunian noblity, Nadya was sold by her father to Milos, the slave king.

Taken to the Zamorian city of Shadizar, she was then purchased by Prince Nykafor who initially intended her for his father but quickly fell in love with her. He named her chief among his concubines and flaunted her talents wherever he went.

It was during a visit to the City of Thieves that Nadya caught the attention of another powerful man.

The Black Priest, Pairagno lusted for Nadya the minute he saw her. He attempted, in vain, to purchase her from Nykafor and was enraged at being denied. He then plotted a way to steal her for his own purpose.

Under the cover of night he sent a nightmare servant to retrieve her and take her to the bowels of the Temple of Enlightenment where his secret cabal sacrificed tributes to their grotesque god. Nadya was stolen from her room in Nykafor’s apartment and dragged screaming into the night.

Despondent, Nykafor turned to his trusted friend Kai Shuran to rescue the girl.

Kai Shuran combed the lawless sector called the Maul for those who would aid him in this. He found a handful of hearty souls who agreed to the Prince’s task.

Bound naked to the altar of a foul spider god, Nadya will always cherish the memory of her rescuers hewing through debased cultists and the horror that descended from the ceiling in order to slay Pairagno and rush her to the safety of her lover’s arms.


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