Valacious "Valoc"

Stygian Rogue/Academic


“Valoc”, as he calls himself, is believed to be the last surviving ‘son’ of the entity called Thulsa Doom.

He was less born then found inside a decayed prison. A roving group of fishermen were fled a vicious tempest and huddled in the safety of a cave in the remote area of western Vendhya’s Storm Coast. Their boat splintered on the rocks, they had little to do but ride out the weather.

When the skies calmed, they took to exploring their surroundings and stumbled upon a cave after following the wailing cries of several old men. Following the voices they came upon some strange ancient place deep within that was both prison and temple covered in withered carvings of snakes and serpents.

The bodies of several old men in tattered robes were scattered around a gaunt pale corpse that looked to have been chained to a wall for ages. The men were scared from their own self punishments, and the last one alive cried out something about redemption for their failures as the corpse on the wall crushed his windpipe with the last ounce of his being.

The robed men were Stygians, and bore half of a glowing green gem. It was the gem that returned Valacious to his body, resurrecting him from a shriveled corpse.

Dominating the fishermen, Valoc followed them to nearby Kosala where he sold the witless men to a Kosalan slaver. He took his earnings and traveled with a merchant caravan to Khoraja.

It was in Khoraja he learned the name Orah. A renowned scholar of ancient lore who surely could help him find the other half of his treasured jewel of power.

Valacious "Valoc"

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