Renyard Durand

Poitainian (Aquilonian) Swordmaster


Born the forth son to the Durand family, a lesser noble family of Poitain (Aquilonia), Renyard long ago knew his place would never be at the head of the family’s estate. Instead, while his brothers studied law or finances he focused on the mastery of the blade. His family could afford such things with ease, and soon after his coming of age one of the best sword trainers in the world, a Zingaran named Hansgred Pincival, rode to the doors of their keep. Renyard’s is not a story of painful loss, or overcoming an ill served hand in life, instead he spent his formative years with Pincival undergoing hard training with any number of martial weapons, namely blades. His family allowed his hobby as it was assumed he would eventually join the local militia as an officer or some such thing, not to mention their fourth son did not inherit the family’s good looks and were happy to keep him out of sight, but they were aghast when they discovered his actual goal. Renyard wanted little to do with his family’s politic, he desired freedom from his familial trappings and instead to travel while honing his talents. He even eclipsed Pincival in ability fairly early on and began to doubt the man’s alleged ability.

It was not long after reaching adulthood that he informed his family of his plan to seek other sword masters to either learn from them or defeat them in combat. His family begged him to at least keep up his noble appearances and he agreed only to do so if they maintained his allowance, he would do no tasks for them but he would attempt to not sully his family’s name. He left the keep that represented his childhood a decade ago and has never looked back. Since then he has learned his way of the world and lives comfortably enough on his family’s monthly allowance. Though he soon learned the true depths of his ugliness he cared little for such things, he feels his ability at the blade should do more to impress. He trains daily and has even gotten something of a name for himself in the lore of sword arms. He yearns for more though, something to challenge him, something to rekindle a spirit of adventure in him. He has heard of the barbarian tribes in Cimmeria perhaps the legends of their prowess may hold true, or what can his sword do to the Sorcerers of Stygia? He knows he needs something, he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to come along.

Renyard Durand

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