Odored Soractus "Fitheach’eadh"

Gunderman (turned Pict) Ranger


Odored was born in a small village near Gunderland’s western border. Life was never easy for him, he was extremely shy and found it difficult to mix with his peers. The problem was that he had a face only a mother could love. The girls teased him mercilessly about his appearance and the boys would taunt him and beat him viciously if he rose to their sleights.

Thus it was that while the other boys were being trained in the use of pike and shield, Odored found himself hiding in the woods around the village and teaching himself woodcraft.

At fifteen years old he left his home, bound for the Westermark in search of his brother, Strom, who had left ten years before.

He hired on as a runner at Fort Tuscelan on the Black River and carried missives to and from Velitrium for Commander Valannus. It was while delivering one such message that he was set upon by a party of five Raven Picts. They fell upon him with wild whoops and hollering, fully expecting to collect an easy scalp for their lodge poles.

Years of suppressed rage erupted in a frenzy of violence and in a few moments of bloody melee all the Picts were dead. The leader had his throat ripped out by Odored’s teeth, after his axe had lodged in the skull of his previous Pictish opponent.

The battle finished, he collapsed into unconsciousness as a second group of savages detached themselves from the undergrowth.

Athanawaya, War Chief of the Deas Clamhan (South Hawks), was mightily impressed as he watched him deal with the Ravens. His war band had been tracking the Ravens for two days and the four of them expected a hard fight when they caught up to their hereditary enemies.

He took Odored back to his village where he was nursed back to health and adopted into the tribe. In honour of his prowess they named him ‘Eats Ravens’ and in a savage ritual, Athanawaya took him as his blood brother.

Following the ritual, Athanawaya remarked that his head was “too ugly to hang on an Deas Clamhan lodgepole anyway”. Odored could not remember the last time he laughed so much.

Among the Deas Clamhan he found that he was respected for his skills and not judged upon his looks. Despite his appearance he found a little Pictish wife named Kahontas, no beauty to be sure, but a goddess to a man who had never felt a woman’s caresses.

Every now and again he would return to Velitrium to trade the rich pelts he would lift from the Black River country.

Picts, even tame ones, were not allowed inside the stockade and Kahontas would camp a mile or so downstream until her husband conducted his business.

It was on one of these journeys that Odored’s life was plunged into ruination. While he was conducting his business within the stockade, a Scalp Hunter band happened upon the little learning where Kahontas made her camp.

When he returned, Odored found the body of his little wife. That she had suffered terribly at their hands was as clear as the tracks that the Scalp Hunters had not bothered to hide.

Each man of the Scalp Hunter band died bloodily and painfully, except for the leader, a Bossonian named Dardo who fled into the night.

For three years Odored has sought him out, across all the lands of the Hyborians and beyond. He wishes to join Kahontas in the afterlife but his grief drives him onwards in his quest for vengeance.

Odored Soractus "Fitheach’eadh"

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