Loviisa Imeldsdatter

Aesir Barbarian


Loviisa grew up amid the rugged mountains and frozen tundra of southeastern Asgard. She had few friends her age and spent most of her time tracking, hunting and training with her elder brothers. By her twelfth summer she could wield sword, spear, and axe as well as any boy her age, and by fifteen she surpassed them.

At eighteen her father and brothers left on a raid across the River of Death Ice into Hyperboria. They never returned. The few raiders that straggled back told of their capture and thralldom at the hands of the Witchmen. Forming another raiding party, Loviisa lead an assault on the citadel where her family was being held. She slew the head priestess, though not before seeing most of her men horribly slain by blasphemous magics, or learning that her family had been sent south, to the copper mines of Zamora.

So she followed their trail south, crossing the Graaskal Mountains into Brythunia and Zamora, ending in the City of Thieves. There she earned coin as a gladiator in the fighting pits, searching for news of Nordheimer slaves until the fated day that she met Madhedai who instantly befriended her and offered to aid her cause.

Loviisa Imeldsdatter

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